Regular Course : 24 Turns
Vacation Course : 12 Turns

Morning Batch : 10 a.m. onwards
Evening Batch : 5 p.m. onwards

The Brilliant fun filled Regular & Vacation Courses helps the students to overcome their academic difficulties. The activities are planned as per the age of the child to enhance their creativity and make learning interesting. Vacation Camps are organized to places like Goa, Lonavala, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar for students and their families. Trips are also organized to near by places like Water Kingdom, Essel World, Imagica etc, the memories of which are cherished by all.


Handwriting Improvement /Cursive handwriting

Age : 4 years and above

Reading/Spelling learning

Age : 6 years and above


Age : 3 ½ years and above

Essay writing

Age : 6 years and above

Basic Maths

Age : 6 years and above

Basic Grammar

Age : 6 years and above


Group 1 – Age 2 to 6 years & Group 2 – Age 7 years onwards

English Conversation

Age : 4 years and above

English Language

For Ladies

Calligraphy (Basic/Advance)

Age : 10 years and above
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